July 18, 2006
For Immediate Release
Contact: Kelly O’Donnell
Phone: 248-489-9000

Starbridge Media Group Delivers Animation Production for Eagles in Year Two of Groundbreaking Television Series, Which Premieres in September

The Philadelphia Eagles and Starbridge Media Group, Inc. are producing a second season of the highly successful live action-animation television program the “Eagles Kids Club Show,” Starbridge CEO Jamie Crittenberger announced today.

“Eagles Kids Club Show” is a 17-episode series that is designed to appeal to the team’s young fans. The 2006 season premieres in the Philadelphia area on Sunday, September 10 on Fox-TV. The program will also air in Scranton, York, and Harrisburg, in addition to other markets.

The program features several original animated characters that appear in recurring roles throughout each episode, alongside an animated version of the Eagles’ mascot, “Swoop.” The 30-minute episodes also include unique interviews and stories with team players and coaches.

“Eagles Kids Club Show” is produced by the Eagles’ in-house Director of Broadcasting, Rob Alberino. Starbridge Media Group President Ken Hutman oversees executive production of the show’s animation content.

“We are excited about the prospect of creating the second season of our mixed-media program specifically for our team’s numerous and growing young fans,” said Eagles Senior Vice President Mark Donovan. “Having Starbridge Media Group’s expertise as our animation production partner enhances the look and feel of the show, and we are glad to have them back with us. Their background in sports media and animation production makes them a solid partner on the show.”

Starbridge Media Group President Ken Hutman is thrilled to be working with the Eagles again. “To have the opportunity to work with one of the top organizations in all of professional sports in this type of original, entertaining, and educational programming is quite an honor,” said Hutman. “We think the show appeals to kids of all ages.”

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