August 24, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill Hudock 703-760-0051

Starbridge Media Group to Produce Animated Informational Vignettes Featuring the True Blue Kids Club Characters to Highlight Cowboys Stadium Fun Facts

Starbridge Media Group, Inc. has teamed with the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League to produce animated informational vignettes featuring the Starbridge-created “True Blue Kids Club” characters to promote fun facts about the new Cowboys Stadium, Starbridge CEO Jamie Crittenberger announced today.

The short vignettes are targeted towards kids and will be used by the Cowboys to showcase the franchise’s new stadium in an educational and engaging way. The shorts will be shown on a variety of mediums, including the new state of the art video board, the team’s website (, and on the team’s television shows.

Building on the 2008 production partnership with the Cowboys, Starbridge will also produce an animated player-ID interstitial of Roy Williams, which will be used on the video board to showcase the star wide receiver in a unique super-hero persona. For the 2008 season, Starbridge produced five player-ID interstitials featuring Cowboys’ stars.

The Cowboys will play the 2009 season in the new Cowboys stadium, which is the largest NFL venue ever built. Starbridge-produced content will be displayed on the world’s largest HDTV video board which is suspended 90 feet over the center of the playing surface and stretches from one 20-yard line to the other.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Dallas Cowboys as they move into the preeminent stadium in the world,” said Starbridge President Ken Hutman. “We look forward to highlighting stadium facts in a fun and educational way to engage kids and promote the Cowboys True Blue Kids Club.”

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