Washington Capitals: “Capitals Red Line Monday” Television Show

Following their fantastic finish to the 2007-08 season and their fast start to the 2008-09 season in front of sellout crowds, the Washington Capitals sought to capture the spirit of their young, talented, and energetic team via the creation of the franchise’s first-ever live-action “magazine style” television show. Cue Starbridge Media Group, the Emmy Award-winning sports production team. As Executive Producer and Co-Creator of “Capitals Red Line Monday,” Starbridge developed a high-impact, fast-paced, segment-packed show that is sponsor-friendly and available to fans in multi-media formats: TV, Internet, on-demand, and in-stadium. Caps fans wanted to see the inner workings of the NHL’s hottest young team, and team sponsors sought a multi-medium integrated messaging platform. Starbridge put the biscuit in the basket in both cases.

Captials Red Line Monday - Opening

Captials Red Line Monday - S01E06 - Who I Am